Playground Games

The first part our project focuses on Playground Games.

Below is a link to the Playground Games submitted by each school.

Click on each school’s name and the presentation will open. It may take a little time for each presentation to load as they contain many images so please be patient.


École St Joseph, Hénanbihen, Bretagne.


Ball to Prisoners


Scoil Neasáin, Baile Hearman, Baile Átha Cliath 5.





Utoy Skole, Inderoy, Trodelag.

Two in the wall

King of the Hill

U. K.

Kibblesworth Primary School, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear


Freeze Tag

Ropery Walk Primary School, Seaham, Co. Durham


Red Rover

Up and Down Tiggy

Alternatively, you could right click on the school’s name and select ‘Save Target as..’ and save to your computer.

Below is a Poll. Please take a minute to choose your favourite Playground Game or Games from the list below.



  1. Hello !

    We’re the children from France. Yesterday we practise the playground “Bulldog”, a game from UK. It was very easy to understand. In France, we have the same game but the name is different : we call it “sparrowhawk”.
    We’re going to practise the other playground.

    Martial, Benoit, Quentin, Hugo, Vincent, Erica, Camille, Camille, Anne-Sophie, Justine, Servane, Alexis.

  2. Bonjour !
    Congratulations you are the first to post a comment ! Tres bien !

    Scoil Neasáin

  3. Bonjour! We are very please that you like our game and it is interesting to find that you have a similar one. We will let you know how we get on with some games very soon.
    Victoria Mellor
    Kibblesowrth Primary School

  4. Hi
    I played Bomb it was a very good game I played it with my friends

    Kimberly from Ropery Walk Primary School

  5. Hello,
    I really enjoyed 2 in the wall because it improves your ball skills and dodging skills as if you get hit by the ball you are out.The game we played was from Norway, it was really fun to play.We are from Ropery Walk School and we are going to try out all the other games.

  6. hello

    I played King Of The Hill I really enjoyed playing this game because I enjoyed playing games with my friends I also like this game because I think its funny watching my friends rolling down the Hill laughing.
    I also played two in a wall I did enjoy this game but it got boring at the end but it was good though.

    Caitlin Ropery Walk Primary School

  7. Hello I am from Ropery Walk Primary School and I played Jail Breaker from Ireland. I liked it a lot because I played it with 7 of my classmates. I also played Elastics and everyone in my school bought some elastic bands to make some elastics. Everyone likes all the games that you sent us.

    Thank You! Georgina
    Ropery Walk Primary School

  8. Hello,

    I am a child from Ropery Walk Primary School.I played elastics with two of my friends Morgan and Chloe.We all enjoyed the elastics but worked as a team to help each other get over the elastic bands.As we were playing this game we all sang the song England,Ireland,Scotland,Wales inside,outside,inside scales!

    Good luck!! Goodbye from Kayleigh

  9. Hello,
    We really enjoyed playing King Of The Hill because it makes you strong. When we played it we got into teams of 5 and my team won and the next time Ellis’s team won it was really fun. The game we played was from Norway.
    Our school is called Ropery Walk School and we will try to play all the other games.

  10. Hello

    I am called Tammy-Leigh from Ropery Walk School.
    I played the game elastics, I thought it was really exiting. I jumped really high and one of my friends called Morgan was very good at jumping.

    bye .

  11. HI

    I’m a child from Ropery Walk School (uk).
    I played 2 in a wall it is really good and really phisical.

  12. Hello

    Im called callum from Ropery Walk School i played King of the hill it was a good game we loved at one I got pushed railly for
    and it makes you strong well have a nice day bye.

    from callum from ropery walk school.

  13. Hello

    I am called Tammy-Leigh from Ropery Walk School.
    I played the game elastics, I thought it was really exiting. I jumped really high and one of my friends called Morgan was very good at jumping.


  14. Good afternoon my name is Jack and I go to Ropery Walk School.
    I played bomb and I thought bomb was excellent and we have a similar game called boom.


  15. Hi!

    I am Alex from Ropery Walk School and I played “two in a wall”.Very exciting and easy to understand.It’s hilarious to try and avoid being hit by the ball.


  16. Hello,

    I am Devon Thompson from Ropery Walk School in the uk.
    I thought the game was really really good.
    In the uk we call elastics french skips.
    Me and some of my friends played it and we sang the song England,Ireland,Scotland,Wales,inside,outside,inside scales!

    Goodbye and hope you enjoyed our games good luck playing them

    From Devon.

  17. I am a child from Ropery Walk School. I really loved the game Two In The Wall. This game is very simple and easy but it might be harder in different countries.

    good bye from Thomas

  18. red rovers the best its a little dangerous.bomb is realy good with no flaw

  19. i really engoyed the game red rover and the bomb it was so good everyone won’t to play all the time

  20. i realy liked red rover and bomb they are so cool everyone in my class enjoyed it

    see ya from josh

  21. hiya,

    we have just played red rover and bomb and they are great!!
    they are easy but red rover is really dangerous

  22. hi I am brandon from kibblesworth primary school I have played bomb and red rover and I think they are fantastic I can not wait to play the rest of the games

  23. I am a child from kibblesworth Red rover is a very good game we had lots of fun and a couple of ingurys and bomb is fun as well but also dangerous losing two ryes having a ball thrown at you.

  24. Hi
    I’m Mini mitch and i think red rover was well mint because we can play boys v girls and guese how won the boys

    see ya later

  25. i so much enjoyed bomb it was so good everyone won’t to play it all day they didn’t won’t to stop playing all day it amazing in school

    yo yo byebye from keiran

  26. Hi im adam and we just played red rover and some of us got hert see ya


  28. hello my name is louis i think red rover was really good but you get hurt when you run into the people it is really easy to understand and it is really easy to play the game from louis at kibblesworth primary

  29. HI

    This is Mini Mitch hear and i’m sayin red rover is mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mini Mitch
    kibby primary school

  30. I am a child from kibblesworth primary school and i think red rover and bomb are 2 very good games both dangerous.Red rover is dangerous because you might get hurt running into each other.Bomb is a good idea but losing to eyes is dangerous getting a ball thrown at you.

    Best regards from us here at kibblesworth.

  31. Hi im from kibblesworth primary school i have played bomb and it is a very fun game. It’s a new game to me and all my friends here and we all enjoy playing it and we have a good laugh. We hope other schools enjoy playing are games. We have also tryed red rover it is alot of moving round and thats one of the things i like best!

    Bye for now,

  32. hi,

    i am from kibblesworth primary in the uk.i thought the game bomb was good here in the uk we also play that game which has the same name but in our version you sing “its a bomb its a bomb its a very big bomb” then after that we start to count down from 10 then the person who has the ball on zero has to loose a leg then a arm then a eye then after that you are out because we think that loosing two of each is dangerous . i hoped that you enjoy the games that we have chosen for you because we enjoyed yours.
    thank you.goodbye




  34. Hi,

    Im from kibblesworth is the uk.I tryed out bomb i thought it was great. The instructions were easy to understand but we thought loosing two eyes was a bit dangerous. We play the same game here in the UK but we don’t loose 2 of each things because of we think it will be to dangerous.


  35. hiya
    im kelly and am from kibblesworth primrey school and iv just played red rover its really fun but its dangres there should an age limet about 12-13 but its fun you carn’t mess with that!

  36. hello my name is radgy T iam from kibblesworth primary school i have played your games like red rover and bomb i have very enjoyed them so much. Thank you from radgyt

  37. hi norway france irland sunderland KEEP ROCKING

  38. That game was class.The game bomb we all play it its my favourite game better than the rest of the games.Red rover is a bit dangerous for us. Do you like are games you should play the wall it is very good for us is it for you.

  39. Hello

    my name is Caitlin i am a girl from ropery walk uk i enjoyed playing all your games

    thanks for sending them bye xxx

    caitlin ropery walk primary school

  40. Bonjour tout le monde.
    Hello !
    We played Freeze tag and the bomb. We enjoyed playing those 2 games ; in France Freeze tag is call “the frozen wolf” and the bomb is call “tomato”.
    For the bomb, we have a problem : some children kept the ball and give it only when they arrived at 2/3. How can we resolve this problem ?

    Today we go tried ” red rover “.
    Children of the CM1 & 2 of Saint Joseph. Hénanbihen.

  41. Hello from Kibblesworth Nursery Class. We’ve just played ‘Beret’, one of the games submitted by France. We thought it was great, Ellie especially liked chasing the children to stop them getting the point. We stuck numbered labels on our sleeves to help us remember which number we were. Thank you so much for sending the instructions for how to play the game – they were very easy to use and understand, and the photographs were brilliant. We look forward to playing it again.

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