What’s your Game ?

What’s your game? is a Comenius project between 5 Primary Schools in the EU.

This project focuses on Traditional Sports and Playground Games.

Comenius School projects promote trans-national co-operation between schools. The partnership is between 5 primary schools from 4 countries -Ireland, France, Norway and England.

It gives pupils and teachers from three participating countries an opportunity to work together on a project to learn about and experience traditional sports and games of the partner countries.

Through this we hope the children and teachers will learn about their own and others’ sports, games and cultures. The aim is to strengthen the European identity of each school by recognising and celebrating the partners’ cultural similiarities as well as our differences.

Some of the objectives of the project include:

  • To gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures through traditional sports and playground games
  • To gain awareness and appreciation of our own cultures’ sports and playground games
  • To explore similarities and differences across our cultures sports and playground games
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle by participating in sports and playground games